Tamilore Lawal

Automating my Spotify playlists with Autolist - Watch Demo

Now you can get Spotify to autosave all the cool songs playing back to back.

Published on Apr 30, 20231 min read


I'm starting up my newsletter... again! Yes, yes, I know - but here we are, lol!

I'm one of those people who think Spotify's recommendation is on point. You play a song and more cool jams follow. Well, at least most times. The tiny problem I had was needing to add them to a playlist and having to leave whatever I was doing even for a second so I could click "Add song to playlist" so I created Autolist.

Autolist allows you automate creating playlists and adding songs to that playlist. It's built to be pretty straight forward, here's a recorded demo to show you how it works.